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At Vingrity NDT & Technical Inc, we offer comprehensive inspections of Mobile Cranes, Overhead, gantry, jib cranes, monorails, hoists and mobile Elevated Work Platforms in and around Edmonton and anywhere in Alberta. We provide annual assessments to ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment and compliance with statutory requirements.

Whether you own or operate cranes, lifting or hoisting equipment, you need to ensure that they are safe, and in compliance with statutory requirements. That is where our crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection can help.

Why Use Crane, Hoisting and Lifting Equipment Inspection from Vingrity?

Vingrity is certified as an inspection organization by the Canadian Welding Bureau under standard CSA W178.1, “Certification of Welding Inspection Organizations”. All inspections are carried out by CSA W178.2 Certified Inspectors and CGSB certified technicians under the direction of a Professional Engineer. Vingrity also has registered with APEGA and received permit to practice lifting equipment inspection and initial certification in Alberta. All inspections are performed in accordance with CSA Z-150, CSA B-167 and CSA B-354 standards

Our crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection can help you to:

Meet all associated regulatory requirements, with independent inspection carried out in accordance with all applicable regulations, standards and engineering practices

Assure the safe and proper working capability and condition of your crane or lifting and hoisting equipment

Maintain the capability and availability of your equipment

Maximize uptime and planned outages to minimize operational impact

Our crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection services include:

Code compliance testing & certification

Annual inspection

Load chart certification

Load and stability testing

Inspection of all the structural load bearing members

Checking crane girders, rails and columns of overhead cranes to assure structural integrity

Non-destructive testing (NDT) of welds and load hooks for cracks

Operational tests to assure that your unit is functioning properly

Regulatory compliance assessments

Repair procedure and supervision

We set ourselves apart from the competition, because:

Our engineers are on-staff and have actual hands-on experience inspecting lift equipment

Our inspectors are trained to examine equipment that is specific to the lift industry such as wire rope, hydraulic cylinders, wear pads, sheaves, rigging products, etc.

We keep informed of the latest standards, regulations, and technology affecting the lift industry through participation on standards committees and user associations. What’s more, we keep you informed

We can provide engineered repair procedures if serious defects are found and procedures cannot be obtained from the manufacturer

We can track your fleet’s inspection needs and inform you when your equipment is due

    Vingrity provides expert inspection and certification of a wide variety of heavy industrial equipment, including:

    Mobile Cranes

    Overhead, Gantry & Jib Cranes, Monorails and Hoists

    Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

    At the end of all inspections, we provide a comprehensive report on critical safety concerns and equipment repairs that need immediate attention.  Let us advise you on a preventative maintenance schedule.

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